The Art of John Healey

optical glass, photography and other mixed media

Healey Studio LLC • 416 Aspen Ave NW • Albuquerque, NM 87102 • (505) 765 5555  email addresses

Welcome to the website of John Healey sculptor and photographer

This is John Healey - optical glass sculptor and fine art photographer's - website. Please click on the small images to see more examples of like work. Further pages are being added including the Private Collection and Available Sculpture sections. Fine Art Museum Quality Archival Exhibition Prints will be available through our e-commerce enabled site. Please contact us directly before ordering to ensure the best print conditions for each image.


About Healey Studio

We are a multi-faceted studio and do not limit ourselves to one type of media or expression. The term that we hear on occasion is that we are "renaissance" people. Or more simply put, we are not "normal" artists. To that we say, "normal is highly over-rated and life is short, why waste it doing the same thing over and over?"

Please return to this main Healey Studio website for news and the most recent updates about our work and our studio events. most recently updated on March 25 2018

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