The Art of John Healey

optical glass, photography and other mixed media

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Photography by John L Healey

John Healey started his career in art as a photographer. From the colorful 70's, to commercial glass photography, and now to contemporary digital fine art photography. John has grown as an artist and as a photographer. Below is a sampling of photographs from the past and the present. Please follow the link to where you can see more images and purchase custom prints printed by Healey Studio - a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio. New images are currently being uploaded to, eventually each thumbnail below will lead to a separate gallery for your enjoyment.

The Acoma Series

John Healey and Healey Studio have entered into a joint project with the Acoma Sky City Cultural Center to produce a collection of images, both for sale and some for private pueblo use only. Please make a special effort to view these beautiful historical images. The project is in progress and new images are being uploaded continually. Part of the proceeds from sales of prints from this series goes to Acoma Pueblo and Sky City Cultural Center.