The Art of John Healey

optical glass, photography and other mixed media

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Optical Glass Sculpture and Mixed Media Sculpure with Glass

Starting the late 80's and up until a few years ago John Healey's primary creative outlet was Optical Glass Sculpture. Several examples are shown below. Initially John found the attraction of glass to be very consuming and all sculptures were made "purely" of glass. But there are many beautiful materials in the world and eventually the emphasis turned to more mixed media and even incorporated some photography.


Optical Glass Sculpture NOW

In 2012 John had hand surgery to repair some damage caused by decades of hard labor of grinding glass. During the recovery period, John discovered that the other pains he has in his hands, wrists, back and neck subsided when he did not grind glass. John realised that the days of abusing his body are over and now works only intermittently with plenty of recovery time between sessions in the cold glass studio. Optical Glass Sculptures are still in progress, but now at a much slower pace. As it is completed new sculpture will be announced and made available for sale. Please contact us to make sure you are on Healey Studio's new work announcement contact list.